Private Lessons
If you would like to be doing something more than the junior high school "sway, sway" at your wedding, we can help you dance with confidence, style, and fun. Depending on what you want to do for your wedding dance, you'll only need three to ten lessons!
Choreograph Your Wedding Dance
You bring in your song, and we'll choreograph a simple dance that will be at your dance level, and thrill your friends and family. Some couples like to have their whole dance set and memorized so they don’t have to worry about what to do.
Dance Lesson at Your Wedding Reception
There's always that lag time in between the wedding and the reception, when you're off having photos taken, and your guests are standing around. Why not have a super-fun mix and mingle in the form of a swing dance lesson?! This gets all your friends and family up and dancing with one another, having fun, and celebrating something that you two love -- dancing! We have done countless wedding swing dance classes, and even we are surprised at what a smash hit they are!
We Can DJ at Your Wedding Reception
With a Fender Sound System and Shure Microphones, we can even DJ for you at your wedding. If it's swing you want, we're the ones for you. If you want a more diverse selection of music, provide it for us and we’ll do the rest!
Help You Locate a Swing Band
Getting the right band for your wedding is such a personal choice. We have worked with just about every fine swing band in Southern California. There are many from which to choose, and we feel we can help you select the one that will suit your wedding and budget.


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